Introducing TIFNY

A Data & CRM community
created for women
Are you a trailblazing woman in the Data & CRM world? Are you ready to connect, collaborate, and elevate your professional journey? Look no further – the Data & CRM Mastermind Community is here to empower you.

Join Our Open Community:

Are you curious about the world of Data & CRM? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our open community welcomes women from diverse backgrounds and positions. You have the opportunity to learn from and connect with our Mastermind group members through webinars, community groups and more.

Women make up the minority of the Data and CRM industry and even less of executive positions at just 28%*
With this community, we have the opportunity to help women accelerate their careers, network with peers, learn from the top females in the industry, and develop professionally.
TIFNY is designed to foster meaningful connections, problem-solving discussions, and insightful advice sharing.
We understand the unique challenges that come with navigating your way through the tech world and are committed to helping each other succeed.

What We Offer:

🌟 Expert Webinars: Our Mastermind group will host bi-monthly webinars featuring influential speakers from our community. Gain valuable insights, explore new ideas, and broaden your horizons alongside other passionate individuals.

🌟 Stay Connected: Connect with fellow members through our private LinkedIn group and stay updated on the latest industry trends, insights, and opportunities.

🌟 Networking opportunities: Network with like-minded Data & CRM professionals and C-level Mastermind leaders

Application for Mastermind Waiting List:

If you’re a C-level woman in the Data & CRM field, you can apply to join our Mastermind waiting list. Be part of a transformative journey as we collectively shape the future of tech leadership.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey.
Ready to accelerate your career in the Data & CRM world? Let’s soar to new heights together!